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  • 58b Avenue Surrey, BC V3X 1V8, Canada - Surrey
    Park beside jt brown elementary is covered in litter
    It does not have a garbage can
    Trash everywhere
  • 14827 Holly Park Ln Surrey, British Columbia, V3R 6Y1, CAN - Surrey

    My strata has cut down branches and left them sitting on the lawn for 2 weeks now, maybe longer.
    I have reached out to them concerned it is a fire hazard (especially with all this hot weather we have had) and also cannot use the spaced with my child. "all i was told is we will get to it"

    i want them to take care of this asap

  • 5916 126 St Surrey, BC V3X 1V8, Canada - Surrey
    Corrigan park has major garbage dumping problem
  • 14790 60 Avenue Surrey, BC V3S 1R7, Canada - Surrey
    14785 60th Ave
    The property is littered with mattresses and garbage. Goes over to bus stop area
  • 19395-19599 70 Ave Surrey, BC V4N 1N2, Canada - Surrey
    This property, at the intersection of 70 Ave and 194a St is in constant disrepair. The land owner was finally forced to demolish the unsafe house, but has not kept up with maintaining the property. It is now littered with garbage, covered in unkempt grass and bushes, and is a popular place for vehicles to illegally park long term, or for parents to pick up their children after school. It should AT LEAST be fenced off to try and stop people from entering the property.
  • 6909-6965 134 Street Surrey, BC V3W 2E8, Canada - Surrey
    Garbage everywhere at the unwin lacrosse box
  • 16539 24 Ave Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    People at this house seem to be working around the clock and illegally taking the house down without any permits. Property is unsightly with rubbish scattered everywhere
  • 16573 84 Ave Surrey, BC V4N 3H3, Canada - Surrey
    Graffiti on the Bonnie Schrenk park entrance sign on 84th Ave.
  • 12286 Boundary Dr S Surrey, BC V3X 2C4, Canada - Surrey
  • 16573 84 Ave Surrey, BC V4N 3H3, Canada - Surrey
    Graffiti on sign. You can see the sign when driving into Surrey Sports and leisure complex sports off of 84th Ave.
  • 6074 Boundary Dr W Surrey, BC V3X 2A7, Canada - Surrey
  • 12545-12613 110 Ave Surrey, BC V3V 3J7, Canada - Surrey
    Graffiti on wall and barriers