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Need Neighbors Support


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We begged to make our building a 55 y.o. and up housing. 6 floors .Even sent a petition around and submitted it : "No" was the response..
Hasn't been too much crime in the past 6 years , it has been escalating, getting worse.Most calls to the PD are noise complaints on the youngsters , blasting music , overnight guests , loud furniture moving about, foul drug smells are now a daily offense etc..
PD claims it needs more young watchers inside , who all happen to be related ( fact) But those watchers/tools are the problem.Using and selling , They get very aggressive with non users , mostly older ladies and guys who they fear or know will complain about them - They must be removed so the "kids" say. They can't and won't take a chance.
Because they are related to the PD they have a juice card , A State Sponsored drug dealing abode and scene...Out of fear and peer pressure a few relapse and buy and use , to fit in and be left alone - To be Ahright and down - But they are told on and giving notice to leave (suits the voucher people just fine) Like the brutal hostility from kids around the door and elevator towards whoever the Mngt. and PD,Case worker throws under the bus..
Like I said nothing much happened here , but the PD says so , The PD claim some old school guys wreck havoc and terror across town - Well yeah because they're are cameras in the building - Seeing what they want to I suppose...Sitting here watching 50 to 70 y.o. people get tossed while 20 somethings Empty Nesters with bedroom and trophies still in Mom's house nearby , light up and watch them leave - Commandeered housing program ? Even delivering placebos to 22 y.o former football stars who claim.

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