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Woman on Ellsworth Avenue was fined for keeping her trash toters out for 3 days after trash pickup, but her husband brings toters in every Monday night. This is from the neighborhood website Next Door:

"I was wondering if anyone else on Ellsworth Ave received a citation for supposedly leaving their garbage bins out. We received a citation claiming we had left our out for 3 days, which I can say for sure is not the case. My husband brings them back every monday after work. When we contacted the office they claimed that 21 other home owners on our street received the same citation. I find it hard to believe that 21 home owners would happen to leave their bins out for the same 3 days at the same time. Just curious, and yes we are contesting this. "

The flyer is ridiculous - we're not supposed to put our toters out before trash pickup? Huh? Then how would the trash be collected, if it's not at the curb the night before? Do you expect us to wake at 4am and stand beside the toters waiting for the garbage trucks??


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