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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)


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A stop sign in both directions, on MacArthur Blvd, next to the existing bus stops at Alma Ave.
The stops will slow the increasingly fast pace of the cars in the long uninterrupted stretches of MacArthur from both directions, past the school, the pool, two churches, and dozens of residential properties.
The cars GAIN speed, due to the wide open nature of the road, in both directions. The drivers do not even notice they are "opening it up", after climbing hills from each direction. Some drivers do know how fast they go, as this is a cute little way to avoid a portion of 580, and they hit 45-50mph, through our neighborhood and past the school and bus stops.
We have been homeowners here 27 years and this problem truly needs to be addressed. A solution is SO simple and inexpensive. MacArthur at Alma is really a scary intersection for any pedestrian because cars are coming hard from each direction. Most drivers are real good about stopping for pedestrians, but many are not. Why not slow them all down. The responsible ones won't mind at all and the buses are already fairly often stopping there. Please help make our neighborhood safer.
We have a petition signed by neighbors who agree with the need for two additional stop signs at this intersection.
Thank you for your time and interest.

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Q. Which calming/safety device are you requesting?
A. Stop Sign


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