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City of Alameda


Police Patrol Operations


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Extremely dangerous intersection. I originally reported this issue back in November 26th, 2018. The original issue on SeeClickFix (which is now closed) can be found here:

The issue was closed by Sergeant Brian Foster on January 24th, 2019.

Nothing has been done to resolve the problem. Since I first reported this issue on this website, I've almost been run over approximately 200 times.

This evening, as I was crossing Atlantic, a reckless red pickup truck driver gunned it into the intersection as he was making a left turn onto Atlantic from Challenger. There's no way he didn't see me. I was right in front of his truck when he floored the gas.

I literally jumped out of the way to save my life. He tried to murder me with his truck. I reported it to APD dispatch, but as usual, they couldn't care less that someone in Alameda almost got killed by a reckless driver intentionally trying to murder people with his vehicle.

This problem HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED AT ALL. Do NOT close this issue until you've resolved it.

You have done LITERALLY NOTHING to solve this problem, and countless citizens' lives are needlessly endangered daily due to your unbelievably gross negligence and failure to enforce law and order in the city of Alameda.

The fact that nobody has been killed in this intersection yet during the past few months is nothing short of a miracle. The longer you keep ignoring this problem, the more likely someone is going to end up dead or permanently crippled because they got hit by a vehicle in this intersection.

Stop dragging your feet and do something about this. It's unbelievable that even after 4 months, you're still ignoring this problem and turning a blind eye to people almost getting killed here literally every single day.

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