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As North Temple extends along the south end of the abandoned airport golf course, there is no signage to alert motorists to the fact that the two lanes merge as they curve toward the airport. The same problem exists nearby, where the southbound and northbound offramps from I-215 join to feed into I-80 westbound, Bangerter Highway, and the airport. Soon after those two offramp lanes join, they also merge before joining the north temple extension mentioned above. There is a sign that warn of the merge, but it gas been placed so close to the merge that it doesn’t seem to do much good. (It is also bent somewhat away from view.) If it were several hundred feet sooner, it might reduce the constant crowding that takes place at the point of the merge. As a ground transportation driver, I often have to deal with motorists who try to squeeze past my shuttle as the lanes are merging. Thanks.

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Q. What direction were you traveling when you noticed a problem?
A. Westbound
Q. What type of problem did you notice?
A. Sign missing or damaged


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