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  • 4750 Emerson Ave South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    homeless have moved into this bank owner house. broken out windows, trash in the back like wild things in this house. We have contacted the realtor that has the listing....he is NO help, Had to get the City involved. They " Claim" someone rented them the house.....its the oldest scam around, these same people have done this at least twice before in the same area.
  • 11th Ave S Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    On this street, there are two houses that have a high amount of traffic. All day, there are cars parked on the street outside these houses. They block the road and throw trash everywhere. How can we get a no parking on the street sign. There are so many cars sometimes, people can not drive up and down the road. They also have underaged girls at the house, and underaged drinking. Some of the underaged girls are pregnant by the people at this house. The people at the house look like adults. When the police come by to check things out, the main people usually leave later, racing up and down the street and yelling at each other. Often people can not leave their driveways because the cars opposite of their driveway are in the way. I have seen school buses avoiding the surplus of traffic, and car accidents almost happen. This is a 30mph road. Cars screech to a stop because these cars are in the way. This road needs a 'No Parking on this side' sign. Often the children play around their parents cars, running in and out between the cars and into the street. One of these children are going to get hit.
  • 531 47th St South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    making a big dump pile in the front North / east area of the prop. mainly limbs and yard waste, almost blocking the turn into the alley. They have been asked many time not to do this.
  • 4750 Emerson Ave South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    The homeless family that moved in is now dumping trash in the blue tub. The neighbors are having to clean up the trash every day.....the bank and realtor that own the home are doing nothing. They pulled the ( Old ....some body rented me the house scam )
  • 701 37th Street South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    I just drove by a biker who was covered in blood, who was hit at this intersection. There is a police report, because I saw three police, who the biker was talking to. Just like the 40th Street intersection, this area needs help. Bikers are constantly almost getting hit. Perhaps this road needs a intersection hump as well.
  • 42nd- 45th 4th Street South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    The entire length of the sidewalk behind Coquina Key plaza is not maintained and in some cases isn't passable in a wheel chair. The grass on the sides of the sidewalk are grown in that it is hardly passable walking side by side and causes tripping and falling. I tripped and fell in this area and fractured a rib and scraped my knees. Please address this as it is where I walk my dog every day.
  • Codes Compliance Acknowledged
    4401 6th Ave South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    This place is in a state of disrepair, I think its a foreclosure .....someone is running a dog ring out of the garage 10+ crated pit bulls , pit bulls in the yard.....very sad conditions.
  • Graffiti Archived
    4701 6th Ave South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association

    Some one is placing large signs on util. post and other city property ......up and down our street

    " I want you House " 727-755-4442

    Can't these people be fined ????

  • 3900 Block Of The Pinellas Trail Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    As a Volunteer with Keep Pinellas Beautiful there is a spot along the Pinellas Trail that is not Beautiful. The Fence has fallen down in several places, you can see where debris and dirt have been pushed upon sections of fencing forcing it to bow out onto the trail. Wooden pallets stacked over 10 feet high and two to three piles deep are home to rats, some of which you can see coming out onto the trail in the early mornings and evenings. Since this is the second or third time reporting this... AND since I took the time to take these photos... I am hoping someone from Codes will look into this and assist the owner with maintenance.
  • 4426 18th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33711, USA - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    van has been parked in this yard for months
  • Traffic Issue Archived
    700-704 40th Street South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    About a week ago, they took out the intersection hump. I can not imagine why they would take out an intersection hump on a street where a three young boys crashed their car, and one died. There have been multiple car accidents all up and down 40th street S, and they removed the intersection hump right before the bike path. I have seen, over the past week cars who speed the whole way up and the whole way down 40th street now. I've seen people almost get hit, bikers almost get hit, cars who are at a stop sign trying to cross but have to stop suddenly because these cars are flying, at least 60-70 mph down this road. Why would you take out the intersection hump? So they can get a head start, and increase their mph down a residential road? And why are there 'hump ahead' signs, without any humps? I thought we were going to get speed humps on this street. I predict another accident. There have already been 2 undocumented. They just crash into things, and if their cars are able to keep driving, they keep on driving. This wouldn't happen on the North side. There has been one patrol car that comes once or twice a week, but that's not enough. Why did they take the intersection hump away? Thanks
  • Traffic Issue Archived
    4010 15th Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33711, USA - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    Unfortunately the speeding, drag racing issues along this stretch of 15th Ave S has yet to be rectified. Every single day cars are racing, swerving & passing recklessly.
    Numerous calls to the local police are a waste of time... Maybe setup speed traps or speed cameras to at least display a presence of action on behalf of public safety.
    This area has been the site of numerous vehicle accidents & one just recently 2 weeks ago where they ran into another vehicle and almost crashed into the Church. Children, Cyclists & Pedestrians are not safe as soon enough someone will be run over or killed. Please! Let's find a solution to the problem at hand it's really not that hard at all if the City of St. Petersburg and Law Enforcement do their job.