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  • Parking lot Acknowledged
    521 Atwood Ave Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    The parking lot has over grown weeds and large holes and mud pits.. there are always more cars parked in it then it was designed for. They still park all over the place , in the street, under trees, the street adjacent to this look terrible and makes neighborhood look like trash.
  • 760 71st Ave N Saint Petersburg Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    My parents 88 and 91 years old reside at 760 71st Ave N St Petersburg since 1986, and have had access to their carport and driveway in the back of their home through an access road. Recently there have been issues with access road ownership and who does repairs to it etc.. Most have driveways and garages in the rear of their homes. The city recently backed out of regrading the road surface to improve it, because someone complained. Now a woman at the end of the road has installed a fence, blocking entry. My parents use a scooter, they are unable to walk. Now the other end is blocked and there is no access at all. My parents have no access to cover for pick up. I now have to get a ramp built from the front door to the front street and some solid surface for her scooter. I am really hoping you can help me and my parents find a solution to this ongoing issue. I have no idea where to turn for help. I have also contacted 8 On Your Side for assistance. Sincerely, Gisele R Phillips. Daughter to Armand and Pauline Fecteau.
  • 62nd Ave No; East Of 4th St Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    In addition to pot holes and the multiple areas of uneven surface due to previous repairs, the lines in the road are very faint. The entire road, 62nd Ave NE (east of 4th st), going into Shore Acres need to be repaved.
  • Other Archived
    665 71 Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Dog howls and cries for HOURS.
  • 7670 8th St N Saint Petersburg 33702, United States - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Abandoned trucks, stolen shopping carts, furniture and garbage on property
  • 679 71st Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Trash not picked up. City employee said it is only picked up on Thursday. It's been picked up on Monday previously and it has been a month since it was placed out there last. My daughter was visiting and put the dumpster at the curb because I am unable to walk. Last time my yard man took it out. Even though it's only placed at the curb once a month or so, the City still bills me monthly for it. Recycling, too, which I am unable to use. I must find and rely on the kindness of anyone else to have it brought back from the curb.
  • 685 71st Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
  • Flooding Archived
    838 77th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    It rained last night ... one night of rain and we have 8 inches of standing water in our alley! which spills over into our yards... the neighbors behind me and myself have brought in fill dirt and yet this problem continues! If a fire truck or a power truck needed to access this alley they couldn't putting our safety in jeopardy!!! I have photos but they won't load...I've had enough...we pay taxes too and don't deserve to have been dealing with this for the past few years.... It's not a canal! Time to hit the media since the city refuses to take responsibility and fix what you messed up!
  • 521 Atwood Ave North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Dirt parking lot on west side of Laurel St has more cars than designated parking spots. Trash is blowing around the lot and neighborhood and grass needs to be mowed on the back of the lot. The whole place is an eyesore.
  • fireworks Archived
    Fossil Park Area Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Please make certain that Florida law prohibits fireworks: "If it explodes flies or lifts off, the law prohibits you from lighting it. That includes the popular Roman candles. Florida Statute 791 is explicit about these fireworks. Consumer purchase and use of these materials is unsafe, a threat and, most importantly, illegal in Florida"
  • 6934 Laurel St N St. Petersburg FL 33702 - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
  • 798 71st Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    Sleeping in Fossil Park overnight. Attached image taken 7:00 AM.
    ongoing issues with park 'residents' need to be addressed (soiling waterways with human waste, sleeping, storing belongings) - - permanent solution needed.