City of Bexley PLUS

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  • ParkОткрыта
    102 N Parkview 43209 - Bexley
    4 or 5 skunks living under the gazebo. (Please don’t hurt them!!)
  • Street / SidewalkПризнана
    860 Vernon Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Overgrown bushes on sidewalk coupled with enormous car makes driver’s sight of pedestrians near impossible.
  • Street / SidewalkПризнана
    2106 E Main St Bexley, OH, 43209, USA - Bexley
    Tree/bush is overgrown into sidewalk path just before the bridge. Please trim back to allow full use of the sidewalk as well as eliminate a blind spot for runners.
  • Street / SidewalkОткрыта
    2340 Bexley Park Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Large tree branch blocking the alley
  • City treeОткрыта
    170 N Roosevelt Ave Bexley 43209 United States - Bexley
    There are balloons from the 4th of July parade wrapped in the tree in the berm in front of my house.
  • City treeОткрыта
    678 S Cassingham Rd Bexley 43209 United States - Bexley
    Buckeye tree on curb has a low hanging hornets nest. Kids often try to get buckeyes off the tree so I worry about safety.
  • 28 S Roosevelt Ave Columbus, OH, 43209, USA - Bexley
    My recycling was not picked up
  • 784 Chelsea Ave - Bexley
    Mosquitoes are attacking me every time I go outside! I was outside for five minutes this morning and was immediately covered in mosquitoes; this is much worse than in previous years. I know another neighbor on Chelsea reported this same issue. Please consider spraying on our block soon and checking for a source of standing water somewhere nearby. Thanks.
  • 165 N Parkview Ave Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Spinning wheel broke at Jeffrey mansion child’s playground
  • Sanitary sewerОткрыта
    104 S Stanwood Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Hi - There appears to be a backup of leaves in the sewer on the east side of the street. The grate doesn’t seem to be removable or I’d clear them. Sewer opposite looks OK. Thanks!
  • 2316 E Livingston Ave Bexley, OH, 43209, USA - Bexley
    The Francis Avenue street sign has been missing for over two months. When will it be replaced? Thank you, Larry Christopherson
  • SignПризнана
    812 Euclaire Ave Bexley 43209 United States - Bexley
    Stop sign is falling over as cement footer is coming out of ground. Cement footer is sharp and dangerous for children and animals and needs to be redone