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Signal and Intersection Problem


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If a bike rider is alone at the red light (without a car and driver waiting as well) at this location and at least two others I've experienced (N. Peachtree and Tilly Mill, and Chamblee Dunwoody and Roberts), the red light will never, ever change. At this particular intersection, I continually get stuck trying to make a left from Tilly Mill onto Mt. Vernon. The right turning lane is very busy so running over and pushing the pedestrian button is not a safe option. Also, Mt. Vernon is very busy and "running the light" is not a safe option either. Is there a fast, easy way for you to adjust the sensors so that red lights are "bike-friendly"? Alternative routes are no better an option as they all have their own safety issues. Thanks. See my video on YouTube at I have another one from today that I'll upload as well.

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