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There are a series of severe SINKING potholes of road damage along 73rd ave between Outlook Ave and Ney Ave. I think this issue has something to do with the sewer system just beneath the street. there are times when it appears to have water bubbling up at the surface. The problem is in the street just in front of my home. The situation is so bad that every time a large enough car or truck passes over the cluster of holes, my home shakes like a small earth quake. I'm even starting to see small cracks along my walls. This needs to fix asap. I may even need to place a complaint with the city of Oakland.

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Q. STOP, Please Call 510-615-5566. This type of issue is a possible emergency situation. SeeClickFix is not intended for emergency reporting in the City of Oakland and may cause our response to be delayed.
A. I have read this and know to call 510-615-5566 instead


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