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New Haven


Private Property Issue

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Beaver Hills

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trash, blighted property

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This plaza with the DB mart on the corner of fitch and Blake Street is a complete disaster of garbage everywhere it should be the property is owners to come out and clean their Their property I as a taxpayer for the City Of New Haven I’m responsible to clean my property and keep it to a certain level of acceptance before becomes a blight yet some of these commercial properties in and around the city don’t seem to be held to the same standards whether it be a strip Mark whether it be a Mande management owned property that they let go to disarray Yet they expect an 11% increase from us on our taxes this year in three weeks and they can’t even keep the streets clean it’s a disgrace edited insulted to every citizen who pays taxes in the city

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Hỏi. Is the problem blight (trash, etc) outside, or is it a problem with the building (illegal use, housing code violation, etc)?
Đáp. Outside Blight

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