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Young teenagers destroying the street Open

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Since 10 am all the way till midnight you see all these teenagers hanging around anyone’s front porch. Being reckless, destroying public signs, personal signs, running up on the stairs, throwing rocks, riding bikes on the middle of the street not letting cars pass by in purpose, or throwing themselves on the street daring cars to hit them. I’ve caught a few of them snooping on my backyard and they also set fire to my neighbors back yard not to long ago. Why aren’t the police doing anything? What are they afraid of? There’s only so much We can say or do, if We say something their parents group up a few people and that’s when they want to be parents. That’s when the problem starts and that’s what many of us are trying to avoid. NHPD there are good people on this street. People that actually have to wake up to work. Any help before it gets out of hand? It’s getting tiring and this might be a last call for help before something happens on this streets.

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