• Bulk Trash Archivé
    608 N 28th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Please pickup 2 bulk trash items (appliances)
  • S 5th St & E Canal Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    Located in the right lane of eastbound travel on E Canal St & corner of S 5th St the pavement is very uneven and a hazard for vehicles traveling at posted speed
  • Pothole Archivé
    Canal & S Jefferson St Richmond, Virginia - Monroe Ward
    Large and growing pothole located in the right lane on W Canal St at the corner of W Canal and Jefferson
  • 28th & Leigh St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    There is a growing puddle of sorts at the corner of E Leigh St & N 28th St. It appears maybe a drain is clogged.
  • 28th & M St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    There are 3 street lights out:
    1. Located at corner of M & 28th St
    2. Located in front of the Ethyl Bailey Furman sign and tennis courts on M St in between 28th & 29th
    3. Located at corner of 29th & M
  • 2110 E Main St Richmond, VA 23223, Richmond, Virginia - Shockoe Bottom
    There is a pothole located in the left travel lane of westbound traffic. It is located directly across from Nota Bene restaurant.
  • 12 South Cherry Street Richmond, Virginia - Vcu
    The stretch of road from Cumberland St & S Cherry St to W Cary St & S Cherry St is littered with potholes which is a concern for vehicle safety and cyclists.
  • Pothole Archivé
    71-113 North 9th Street Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    Growing pothole located near this intersection
  • Pothole Archivé
    221 North 25th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Large pothole located at corner of Broad St & 25th St intersection. Pothole is located on the northbound lane of N 25th St.
  • Traffic light Archivé
    2100 E Franklin St Richmond, Virginia - Shockoe Bottom
    When traveling south on N 21st St, the 4 way intersection with the 2 blinking yellows and 2 blinking reds - the blinking yellow light is out on the southbound travel lane
  • 3500 Glenwood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Chimborazo
    There are multiple mattresses blocking a vehicle travel lane located near the intersection of 35th & Glenwood Ave
  • 508 East Cary Street Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    There is an obstruction/pot hole at the corner of 5th St & E Cary St (directly under the traffic light pole. There is much construction in this area and it seems as though there was a hole dug into the 2nd lane from the left (heading east) and patched terribly. Any vehicle traveling at the posted speed will hit this and may cause damage. This needs to be addressed ASAP due to the construction and amount of vehicles being cut into few lanes to accommodate the ongoing construction.
  • Traffic light Archivé
    Intersection Of E Canal St & 14th St Richmond, Virginia - Shockoe Slip
    The traffic light located at the intersection of E Canal St & 14th St is non-functioning. The light is located in the right-hand lane of traffic traveling south on 14th St.
  • Other Reconnu
    Intersection Of 17th St & Main St Richmond, Virginia - Shockoe Bottom
    There is a large dip in the pavement for vehicles diving down Main St (Westbound) at the intersection of 17th St & Main St. There was a large amount of construction on this roadway a few weeks ago and the repaving has made for a large dip in the pavement for motorists. If they travel the marked speed (25MPH) it is a concern for the vehicles.
  • Pothole Archivé
    Intersection Of N26th St & M St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    There are several large potholes stretching from the roundabout at 25th St & M St to 27th & M St. Many of the potholes are so large that a vehicle must drive in the opposite lane to avoid them. This is a huge safety concern for motorists and pedestrians. There is also a bus stop at this location meaning large amount of foot traffic.
  • 3601-3801 Glenwood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Chimborazo
    This stretch of Glenwood Ave is a complete disaster. Not only is there overgrown brush that falls into the street, but there are several potholes from N 36th St to Government Rd. It would be great to see this area cleaned up and the road repaved. It poses a very large safety concern for pedestrians and vehicles alike.
  • E Cary St Between 5th And 7th Richmond, Virginia - City Center
    There is a utility pipe located on E Cary between 5th & 7th (near the Dominion construction) which is coming out of the road and is exposed for vehicle tires to get punctured. This poses a safety concern.
  • N 27th & M St Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    There is a deep pothole that continues to grow. It is located at the corner of 27th and M St inChurch Hill. It's located across from the bus stop which means it's a safety concern for both vehicles and pedestrians
  • 28th & E Leigh St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    At exactly 515a this morning, all street lights north, south, east and west went out. This poses a safety concern for citizens walking this early in the morning.
  • 2800 E Leigh St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The drain located at this address is clogged and floods the street.