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    Florida Ave And Alt 19 Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    I am a Palm Harbor resident as well as a PHUHS employee. I bicycle everyday to pick up my daughter. I have to cross alt 19 everyday in picking her up from school and it is near impossible. We often rely on good hearted drivers to stop and let us cross. The nearest crosswalk with crossing guards is at Tampa Rd. I am surprised there is no crosswalk at this location, not only because of my issue of students crossing but because it is the main street in downtownm palm harbor where all the festivals take place. Also there is a jolly trolley/bus stop 1 block south on the west side of the road at Georgia Ave. I also might point out there is Pop Stasell park and pier at the end of Florida Ave that is frequented by bicyclists and walkers. There is Sunderman ball field not far away from the park which is used all year long for different kinds of sporting events. I would like to see as a concerned citizen a crosswalk sign with lights placed at the location of Florida Ave and Alt 19. Thank you for your time in reading this.
  • 3323 Adrian Ave Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
    This is a dangerous situation for pedestrians, mailboxes, autos and everything on Adrian Avenue. High traffic + no streetlights = more crime & accidents.
  • 1366 Wexford Drive North Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    An old boat and trailer are being stored within the front setback, on the grass, in view of the street.
  • 3321 Adrian Avenue Largo, FL - Largo
    The ditch/drain pipe extending from 3321 Adrian Avenue westward to Creek Ln is broken and clogged causing severe flooding in the neighboring driveways. There is NO flow in the ditches as a result, the street becomes a river.
  • 1446 Wexford Dr N Palm Harbor, FL - Palm Harbor
    Welcome to the Wexford Leas RV Storage Development. That is not a driveway.
  • 1446 Wexford Drive North Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    THey are pouring a 2nd driveway in between the houses for RV storage!
  • 3221 Hillsdale Ave Largo, FL - Largo
    This home is abandoned, broken fence, garbage everywhere, overgrown areas, rodent infested, neighborhood mosquito concerns and possible vagrancy. It looks like it needs to be condemned and knocked down.
  • 2527 Northeast Coachman Road Clearwater, FL - Clearwater
    The turn lane into Town Place Apartments constantly has people making U-turns (from not wanting or being able to turn left out of Wal-Mart). They almost hit cars turning right out of the complex very often, and there should be a no U-turn sign there.
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    1729 Creek Ln Largo, FL - Largo
    The ditch is very overgrown, alot of bugs and it smells like there is something dead in the ditch
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    2807 Deer Hound Way Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA - Dunedin
    There is constant standing water in front of my driveway. The entire street slopes down to my driveway and as a result all rain water, pool water, etc of the neighborhood is constantly sitting in front of my driveway. This is improper street drainage.
  • Florida 55 Palm Harbor, FL - Palm Harbor
    The nb left turn signal does not allow enough time for traffic in the lane to go west bound on Nebraska.
  • 3534 Adrian Ave. Largo, FL - Largo
    Firemarshall / city sign removed from door. Black plastic placed over old laudromat windows. This section of the building is not open for use - was closed down by the city. The owner of the building and those who keep attempting to use this for a 'after hours' club / 'topless' bar should be held accountable.