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  • Hopkins Ave & Palisade Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - The Heights
    the curb extension at Hopkins and Palisade was never completed. as a result people continue to frequently Park in the crosswalk while getting Dunkin' donuts. while each car is only there for a few minutes, the near endless string of people parking there means that this crosswalk is blocked nigh on constantly. Freaking do something
  • 615 Pavonia Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA - Journal Square
    Journal SquareD allows moving trucks, delivery trucks, and even residents' cars to block the sidewalk and crosswalk constantly. It is a safety hazard making it impossible to cross the street with a clear line of sight towards oncoming traffic. This has been going on for YEARS, however the attached photos are some of the most egregious behavior I have witnessed. They're allowing moving vans to completely block the sidewalk instead of having the vans INSIDE the building's loading zone where they are supposed to be. Furthermore, residents block Pavonia with their vehicles to drop off groceries or to pick something up from their apartments. They just turn on the hazard light blinkers and take a leisurely stroll to their unit for whatever reason. Plenty of Uber cars idle outside and the delivery vans never venture to the interior of the loadinv zone. They are constantly on the sidewalk either doing some dangerous maneuver or sitting, blocking pedestrians' pathway.  This is not a rare occurrence by any means. Please fine Journal Squared and instruct them not to block PAVONIA AVE, the CROSSWALK, or the SIDEWALK. I usually try to avoid that side of the street altogether but the ongoing construction on Homestead place forces people to cross towards Journal SquareD side and it is not safe. Also, I want to mention that vehicles exit the Journal SquareD garage/loading zone at unsafe speeds to get onto Pavonia very often. Overall, it is a nightmare for pedestrians.
  • 340 Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    The intersection of Newark, 5th and Merseles is a tragedy waiting to happen during morning rush hour as kids are crossing on the way to PS5. There is no stop sign, traffic light to protect pedestrians in the crosswalk. Drivers ignore the flashing crossing lights and turn a 2 lane road into 4 as the cross the median and pass vehicles on the right OR LEFT to get by the cars that DO stop for pedestrians. They also ignore the crossing guard (who has been absent the past week). The 25mph speed limit is ignored as people are doing 40. In the few weeks school has been open, there have been close calls even when the crossing guard is there holding up a stop sign. The construction at the intersection also limits sidewalk space.
  • 211–215 Coles St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    With all the new apartment buildings in the area, a safer pedestrian walkway under these overpasses would be greatly appreciated. It’s dark, sidewalks are filthy and not ADA accesible, and cars are constantly speeding. Make JC a safer place!
  • West Side Ave At Harrison Ave Jersey City, NJ 07304, USA - West Side
    The barriers that were set up to prevent dangerous turns have been crashed into and not replaced. most of them are gone. Last week I witnessed two pickup trucks swerve from behind the bus at the bus stop at Harrison Ave and Westside to make a turn onto Harrison Ave. during am rush.
  • 686 Bergen Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - McGinley Square

    Today I saw for the millionth time a pedestrian who waited until a break in cars, crossed into the marked crosswalk, but had fast-moving cars speed up dangerously and attempt to mow the walker down! This has also happened to me personally. This crosswalk has signs but no lights. It is not adequate for safety. Drivers do not stop! Drivers do not seem to understand how crosswalks work.

    Here's information about a study that shows cars need to be moving slower than 20mph to reliably stop for a pedestrian as required in a crosswalk, regardless of signage or laws:

    Please consider:

    -lowering speed limit for stretch of Bergen between Communipaw and Montgomery

    -marking crosswalks in this section with lights (currently only the ones in front of the school a few blocks down have flashing lights)

    -ticketing more for crosswalk or speeding violations in this area

    Thank you very much

  • Lienau Pl & Reservoir Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07307, USA - The Heights
    This is a very dangerous intersection (Lienau Place and Reservoir Avenue), despite lots of foot traffic and close proximity to a popular park. Cars fly through the intersection and visibility is limited by vehicles often parking in the crosswalk. There needs to be a stop sign installed here before someone gets hurt. I also suggest another speed hump to help combat the frequent speeding. This is a local residential street and appears to now be favored by aggressive through traffic.
  • 332 Marin Blvd Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown

    Thank you for adding pedestrian lights to this intersection. Unfortunately, drivers around here are brazen and it’s not enough.

    They do not stop for pedestrians with the lights flashing. And if you’re in a vehicle crossing Marin from Bay Street, good luck! You have to pull out into the middle of Marin to see around parked cars, and then pray someone in both directions stop due to a constant flow of traffic on both sides. Also, when there’s a red light a block away on either side, cars block the intersection for both cars and pedestrians. Doesn’t make sense that there isn’t a light here as well.

    I’ve almost been hit as a pedestrian multiple times. And I’ve witnessed car accidents due to the blind spots in this intersection.

    It continues to get more unsafe as the population on Marin grows, especially given this is flanked by 351 Marin and the Hendrix. Will only get worse with the two new condo buildings going up on Bay and Provost.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Jersey Ave & Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    Lack of monitoring and cars not stopping at the stop sign. Please add speed bumps or a raised pedestrian walk or lights so cars can be more aware of pedestrians crossing
  • 194 Wayne St Jersey City NJ 07302, United States - Downtown
    Wayne Street between Monmouth Street and Brunswick Street is considered an Access Easement, but drivers frequently use it as a shortcut to skip the traffic light at Monmouth and Columbus Drive or a shortcut from Brunswick to Monmouth to avoid the traffic light at Montgomery Street. Drivers frequently race down this narrow access easement at high speeds. Previous signage indicating the status of Wayne Street is old and illegible at this point. Please consider posting new signage of the status of Wayne St., multiple speed bumps / humps, a reduced speed limit of 10 or 15mph, and additional enforcement.
  • Central Ave & Hopkins Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - The Heights
    During an afternoon walk, I witnessed the aftermath of a terrible accident that occurred on the corner of Central and Hopkins Avenue. Where you see the orange in the picture is where the victim was on the ground badly hurt. Her lower left leg had been sheared to the bone from the ankle up to the knee on the inside. It was horrible and she lost so much blood. I hope she is ok. I think she was taken to Jersey City Medical.
    In the meantime, I have to tell you that this intersection is very unsafe. There is a school across the street and usually a school crossing guard. It needs a TRAFFIC LIGHT. Please do something. I don't know that a traffic light would have helped this woman, but I don't know that it wouldn't have either. This is a terrible situation.
  • Monticello Ave & Communipaw Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    At this intersection, I'm requesting if it's possible to make all left turns delayed with ample timing. In morning rush hours, the left
    turn lane signal turns from green to red too quick as well as vehicles using left lane to go straight so not to wait in traffic.
    Communipaw and Monticello Ave location.