City of Taunton PLUS

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  • Pine St Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
  • 1314 Somerset Avenue Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Peter Bothelo (TMLP) requested to have brush cut back on the enbankment for tank farm. Please call when you get there so he can show you where. Phone #774-406-0720
  • 31-199 Fisher St Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    Please cut the brush in the Fisher Street area. Last year the brush cutter came out later due to repair. Please try to get it earlier. Thank You!
  • Field St Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    Called for brush cutting
  • OtherAcknowledged
    13 Fay St Taunton Ma - Taunton
    Overgrown shrub at corner. Impassable with wheelchair also the sidewalk needs repair
  • 107 Field St Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    Online submission for brush cutting.
  • 991 Bay St Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    Brush cutting request. Says it is opbstructing the sidewalks
  • 2-98 Misty Ln Taunton, MA, 02780, USA - Taunton
    please cut
  • OtherAcknowledged
    16 Forest St - Taunton
    Overgrown shrub making sidewalk impassable with wheelchair. Overgrown grass. Trash galore and rodent issue.
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    371 Caswell St Taunton, MA 02718, USA - Taunton
    Pothole, berm, driveway edge pushed up.
    See complete description in my photos.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    616 Seekell St East Taunton, MA 02718, USA - Taunton
    TMLP had to open the road to address a frozen pipe. when the road was repaved the burm at the top of my driveway was not installed and whenever we have a decent amount of rain it runs down the driveway and has flooded my garage destroyed a recently installed fence and now washed away my back yard exposing what was a drainage system.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    201 Berkley St Taunton 02780 United States - Taunton
    Reoccurring issue!!!! Have tried to have this fixed multiple times. We even cleared the drain like told to do w/ no effect !! This road and sidewalk need to be repaired !!!!