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I was contacted via email by an individual who claimed to be the owner of a house for rent in Framingham, MA. When looking at the house online, it was listed under a real estate company on several rental sites, but this individual stated that he was unhappy with the realtors so has decided to handle the rental on his own. He quoted the price as much lower than the price listed online, which is significantly low for the area and for what is included in the house. He would not agree to have a phone or video meeting with me and claimed to currently be living out of state so he had no way to show me inside the property. When asked about the process, he stated that I would need to send him the rent and security deposit and he would mail me the keys, without requesting more information from me (income, credit, etc.). The ad about the property is still listed under the higher price on the real estate website, as well as on other sites, which raised further red flags about this individual. I do not recall reaching out about the house as the listed price is higher than what I am looking for, so I am unsure how he received my contact information. I ceased communication with him, blocked his number, and would like to report this individual as a potential scammer.

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A. Potential Rental Scam

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