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  • 334–340 Bramhall Ave Jersey City NJ 07304, United States - Bergen-Lafayette
    Thank you for all the work that has been already completed in the Layfayette area! There are still a few very dangerous corners. The intersection of Bramhall and Pacific is nearly impossible. There is zero visibility when making a turn from Bramhall onto Pacific (either direction) or from Pacific (onto Bramhall) as cars are parked right up to the corners. You have to literally drive into the intersection slowly to even see if a car is coming and they are going at high speeds. There should be either a light, curb extensions or some sort of delineator to protect people turning or even pedestrians trying to cross to go to Berry Lane Park.
  • 1 Greene St. Jersey City, NJ - The Waterfront
    Greene St., south of Essex, needs more street lights. Especially with the park/playground and people walking by after exiting the boardwalk, we desperately needs more light there before someone gets hurt. Thank you!
  • 163–287 Van Winkle Ave Jersey City NJ 07306, United States - Journal Square
    This is between Tonnele Avenue and Van Winkle Avenue Is it possible set up some kind of traffic lights signal or stop sign for pedestrians here? It is very difficult to cross the road during anytime day or night. Cars do not want to stop and yield to the pedestrians. Thank you
  • 326–356 Seventh St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    When will delineator be replaced at 7th and Monmouth? It’s been months since the street was repaved.
  • 113 Mallory Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - West Side
    The intersection of Mallory and Ege needs better care for both pedestrians and cars coming out of ege onto mallory. Poor visibility from cars exiting ege and turning either left or right threatens pedestrian, cyclist and drivers safety. Corner of Ege and Mallory is visually blocked most of the day and the evening. Many requests have been made but City Traffic & Engineering folks must not be doing their studies from 8am-10am 12-3pm or 4-6pm because thats when traffic is at its worst. Pls see a solution put in place for this. TY
  • 953 Garfield Ave Jersey City NJ 07305, United States - Bergen-Lafayette
    Almost got hit twice - even when using the buttons The intersection either needs a light or a pedestrian bridge
  • Speed Hump RequestRiconosciuto
    115–199 Marin Blvd Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    Hello. People speed down the road. I think you should add a stop sign. This is between 18 park and the vantage towards the water
  • 13 Ravine Ave Jersey City, NJ 07307, USA - The Heights
    I believe that this intersection could benefit from a roundabout such as the ones being trialed this week on St Pauls Ave in Journal Square. Drivers on New York Ave from either direction turning left often do so at the same time and go around each other in such a way that a roundabout would reinforce and make this practice safer. The additional signage and traffic calming effects would be a welcome addition for pedestrians and cyclists as well.
  • 325 Palisade Ave Jersey City 07307, United States - The Heights
    Even with the pedestrian signs drivers do not slow down. When you cross the street that yell at pedestrians like we are in the wrong crossing when we have the right away and it is state law. Also, very often someone is parking on the crosswalk right in from of Lofi making it unsafe to cross. Please but protectors on the crosswalk and also put a pedestrian sign in the middle of the road too so slow down motorists and let pedestrians go.
  • 91 Booraem Ave Jersey City 07307, United States - The Heights
    On intersection of Abbett and Booraem, there’s not enough streetlight and there’s no stop sign. With the parked cars on both sides on the street on Booraem, cars can’t see when someone is trying cross from Booraem to Abbett or vice versa. Can you please look into this and place lighting and a stop sign here?
  • 274–286 1st St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    Crosswalk is way too long. Always a conflict between pedestrians and cars. Cars traveling east on Newark Ave make the slight left onto First St. at full speed to avoid the light at Jersey Ave. I’ve seen too many close calls here, including with kids and people with strollers. Peds don’t know if cars are going to go in front or behind them. Why not shorten the crossing distance or make it a true right angle for the cars? No reason they should be turning into a crosswalk at 35+ MPH.
  • 97 Monitor St Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - Bergen-Lafayette

    The intersection of Pine and Johnston is extremely dangerous: limited sight distance, cars racing to making lights, excessive traffic from the bridge closing, poor crossing marking. This intersection would benefit greatly from simple changes like crossing lights to warn drivers of crossing, better markings, and a speed bump on Pine. However in the long-term, JC should consider a slow streets design the changes the street from a straight un-obstructed street to a street with intentional obstructions to slow traffic at intersections (e.g., circular planter in the middle of the intersection).

    As this neighborhood grows, so will pedestrian traffic and JC needs be proactive about pedestrian safety.

    This is also a major bike route for local residents, and desperately needs protected bike lanes.