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Traffic Calming Suggestion


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Hello Alameda City Public Works,
I have been living at the corner of Lincoln Ave and Walnut for the past ten years and have noticed quite the increase in traffic and pedestrian incidents at that intersection in that time. Last night a neighbor was crossing Lincoln and a driver blew through the intersection without stopping for them, hitting their leashed dog, and tragically killing it. I have personally witnessed many fender benders and road rage from drivers speeding and avoiding cross traffic. I have almost been hit in the middle of that intersection so many times, with or without walking my dog, that I have lost count. Walnut is a major pedestrian path for students on their way to the high school and residents walking to and from the Park Street business district. Something needs to be done. I would like to petition the city to do a study on pedestrian and traffic safety at Lincoln and Walnut and how it would impact flow. I would be more than willing to meet with a field agent on site and discuss what I see on any given day. Personally I would like to see the city turn that intersection into a light up crosswalk and have Walnut be a one way street traveling inbound towards the high school, but I understand the costs involved and timelines. Other dreams I have for Lincoln are to make it a one lane in each direction all the way to Webster with a "suicide" lane in the middle (or tree lined median), Willow be one way outbound towards Clement, and a red zone in front of my house to increase traffic visibility from Walnut to on coming Lincoln traffic. Anything to slow down the traffic on will have many positive long term benefits including increased housing values. I just seems like the drive 25 campaign is having little effect on Lincoln Ave. Please let me know what I can do to help get the ball rolling on making that study happen. I fear the worst for that intersection as do many of my neighbors.

(I did a separate SCF for the first paragraph to APD. Gail Carlson, PW)

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