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  • Webster St Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
    This needs to be cleaned up and removed!
  • 800 Atlantic Ave Alameda, California - Alameda
    There is the smell of fire coming from the Jane Sweeney park again this am at around the 800 block of Atlantic where homeless enter in through the cut fence. There is also many piles of garbage left that include but are not limited to clothing, gasoline cans, alcohol bottles, and human waste. The homeless encampments have grown now to over 25 and still growing creating a safety issue and a health hazard. and the camps need to be cleaned up after the requirement of a 72 notice and persons there should be directed to facilities that are able to help them if they are interested.
  • 1975 Constitution Way Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    Request Alameda PD enforce against excessively loud exhaust noise from vehicles (generally motorcycles leaving the island northbound on Constitution). There are a few vehicles that routinely utilize this route towards the tunnel and are absurdly loud. I don't mean your run of the mill Harley or @#$%-can rice-rocket exhaust, I mean top fuel straight piped dragster wake the whole island kind of loud. Please, for the sake of everyone with ears, let alone those of us with babies, let's get this under control.
  • Police -General Acknowledged
    418 Lincoln - Alameda
    Stolen bikes ready to be stripped down, stolen shopping cart. Trash dumped in the street and on the curb. Meth heads loitering and harassing neighbors.
  • 2614 Central Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
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  • Maitland Drive Alameda, California - Alameda
    Maitland Drive from Island to Harbor Bay Parkways is so dangerous. AC Transit buses, cars, commercial trucks barrel through this street at least 40 plus miles per hour if not more. The long blocks encourage drivers to drive faster. I am requesting that the City of Alameda install speed lumps and proper bike lanes like on Bayview in Alameda to physically slow down traffic. They have marked bike lanes, cross walks, and speed lumps. Let this street serve as a great example for other Alamedians. Let Alameda serve as a great example for the rest of the community and to other neighboring cities for the safety of their streets.
    I lived on this street for many years and have seen traffic increase on this street with more people moving here and commuting via Bart or Ferry. I have gone to City Hall in Alameda -7 years ago in fact- regarding speed to no avail. They conducted their 2-week study only to find that this did not warrant any safety measures on this street. That it was okay for people to travel 15-25 miles over the speed limit and the other 20% for them to travel 35 miles over the speed limit.
    I've seen kids playing, school children walking, a family of bikers, seniors walking, and dog walkers and vehicles do not slow down. Every time I put the recycle bins and garbage out or attempt to get into my car, a speeding car comes inches from me without even slowing down. Typically they are not people who live on this street but people passing through in a hurry like a freeway. Think of a freeway and then think of Maitland Drive. There are no proper marked bike lanes, one pedestrian cross walk, no 25mph sign anywhere along Maitland except on the far end, no digital feedback machines like on Fernside, the roads are old and crusty, and of course no speed lumps. Police rarely enforce the speed on Maitland and in fact, I rarely see them on Maitland. The animal control officer that I spoke to a few times here couldn't believe how fast cars were speeding down this street. She told me to contact the traffic patrol officer but no one called me back from that department.
    I've lost 10 pets due to the vehicles hitting them and also seen car accidents due to speed. I am afraid that one day it will take a loss of a human life for the City of Alameda to do anything to make our street safer. It's unfortunate but sometimes this is the only way to install any safety measures.
    Every day I see AC Transit buses, trucks, and vehicles speed through because nothing is stopping them. So frustrating. I contact Public works almost daily to have something done but this is probably not the best place to start so I will start on this website.
  • 1500 Webster St Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    This patio built out by the restaurant and the power pole are too close together. Seeing how this patio is built out onto the right of way it should have gone through the encroachment permit process or something similar. Was this work completed without city approval?
  • 901 Marina Village Pkwy Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    Lots of unlawful homeless activity in this area; homeless frequently seen hanging around the shopping center, rolling around on what appear to be stolen bikes, often towing stolen shopping carts from various stores in this area (usually the Lucky's), digging through the bins for recyclables, stealing vehicles from the various office parking lots in this area and openly using drugs and alcohol in public in broad daylight. Just saw one of them rolling around the shopping center on a stolen bike with an open container of beer. These homeless sometimes abuse hard drugs, harass shoppers as they're trying to go in and out of businesses at this location, and frequently overdose causing frequent visits from Alameda Paramedics/Fire Department. This has been reported for years by countless individuals who are tired of seeing this area plagued by homeless drug addicts and alcoholics who break multiple laws, harass people, and steal property regularly in this area. We are tired of APD ignoring this problem. Clean this area up now.
  • 1415 Pearl St Alameda CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    Neighborhood recycling thief has been trespassing on various properties to loot the recycling bins (and make a massive mess and a lot of noise in the process) for about a year now (possibly longer!) Have been reporting them weekly since April of 2018 but APD ignored it every time. I got so fed up with it that I decided to follow and record this person on video as they proceeded to trespass and steal from all the properties in my neighborhood, and eventually managed to flag down a couple APD officers who were driving through the area and got them to stop the thief. The thief is an elderly asian woman, possibly vietnamese, who typically wears a grey cap, blue jeans and grey sneakers. The thief usually uses a large three-wheeled cart to transport the stolen recyclables to whoever is paying them for them.

    Officers apparently asked them to knock it off and I thought the issue was finally resolved, only to see this same person come back again the next weekend and continue trespassing and stealing from everyone's properties in the neighborhood.

    There's also a handful of other thieves, possibly associates of this individual, who also like to go around trespassing on people's properties and digging through their bins. They usually hit various apartment complexes on central before proceeding northbound on Pearl street to hit more properties up that way. I am not sure what their full route is, but I know that they typically come around this area on Sundays and Mondays (although I've also occasionally seem them on a few other days), and usually either mid-morning or in the afternoon.

    it is very frustrating that even after an entire year of thoroughly documenting the problem, diligently reporting it to APD every time it happens, the problem continues to persist totally unabated. APD needs to put an end to the weekly recycling theft and trespassing that they've allowed to continue with impunity for an entire year (and possibly longer).

  • Constitution Way Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    Homeless encampments located on Constitution before entering tube.
  • Webster St Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    Does our city council need to update its city ordinances to include homeless encampments and people living in their cars? It will become worse if we don't identify how to address this issue. We happily pay property taxes to keep up this great city. It would be a shame to let blight take over our sense of safety and property value. Maybe we need to empower our police force with training to get the job done.

    There have been reports on this forum for months but the same encampments have not moved. Please educate me as I may have missed something.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my view. I've lived on the island for forty years and would hate to see Alameda turn into THE place for people living in their cars or in encampments.

  • Marina Village Parkway And Mariner Square Drivealameda 94501 United States - Alameda
    Homeless encampment creating a health and safety hazard. Human feces, wet garbage, sewage, rat infestation and stolen shopping carts