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Donna Parker

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  • 1212 Talbert St Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    I am not saying this is illegal construction, but the start way nefore 7am. Two dump trucks are impeding traffic on Talbot Street. Also one dump truck is blocking traffic coming up the hill, Alley and driveway.
  • 5025 Ayers Pl Se Washington, DC 20019, USA - Anacostia
    The trash and recycling super cans were not emptied today on this entire block.
  • 1802 24th Pl Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    Request drainage and water runoff abatement doing to recurring issues with frozen water runoff. Please note there is no drain at the bottom of the block. Please install drainage and send salt trucks.
  • 1724 S St Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    There has been an increasing presence of rat in the rear of this location. The pictures attached to this report is what I found in the rear alley of this location.
  • 1924 15th Street Southeast Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    Abandoned mopad as been at street curb since Sunday August 6 2017 between 1922 and 1924 15th Street SE across from Ketchum Elementary school without regard to the fact this moped is wasting limited street parking space. Which city agency is responsible for removing this bulk TRASH.
  • 2805 Buena Vista Terrace SE - Anacostia
    The sidewalk was repaired repaired in November, but the City failed to replace the replace the grass along the sidewalk. Furthermore, the water meters covers are lose or missing. L
  • 1715 Minnesota Ave Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    Can someone please come and check this building out. It has been left abandoned for quite some time now (over 4 years).
  • I-295 S Washington 20032, United States - Anacostia
    The off ramp to exit #1 off 295S going towards DC WASA to Overlook and Chesapeake Streets SW are tearing up car suspensions and axles. It needs to be repaved; it is long overdue. The patchwork that has been done is unacceptable. Please repair the streets and repave that entire area all the way down to the on ramp.
  • Roadway Repair Acknowledged
    2233 Ridge Pl Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    A few weeks ago, a construction company working on a school in the area removed asphalt from the street in order to excavate for the purpose of installing a sewer line. As far as I can tell, this work was not officially permitted by DDOT. However I am not writing about the permit issue itself, but the fact that the street has not been restored as would be required under a permit. The excavated area has been filled with dirt and gravel. The asphalt has not been restored. Part of the excavated area is muddy from water streaming down the curb and the other part is dry, creating excessive dust in the area. I am attaching to this post, a few pictures of the excavated strip and part of its effect with regards to the dust. The dust has not been limited to cars parked on the street but is also on doors, windows, and other outdoor accessories. The asphalt needs to be restored.
  • Tree Pruning Archived
    2–8 53rd St Se Washington 20019, United States - Capitol View
    Hello. There’s this bush that’s so overgrown we can’t see the buss or cars coming while at the stop. It forces people out into the street and it’s very dangerous. Cars can’t see us either.
  • 5126 Call Pl Se Washington 20019, United States - Anacostia
    Abandoned lot that is serving as an illegal dumping ground, drug haven and rodent harbinger.
  • 2345 R St Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    This construction has consistently been in violation of DCRA and safety rules. These are some, not all: blocking the street with stacks of construction materials and a dumpster, no permits showing, workers on top of structures over 6 feet without harnesses, accessing the property from a makeshift driveway very close to intersections, a driveway and an alley. This construction should immediately cease until these violations and permitting issues are addressed.