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Rang: "Jane Jacobs" Bürgerpunkte: 12.360
  • Pothole Anerkannt
    3509 Carolina Ave Richmond, Virginia - North Highland Park
    citizen called to inform several potholes back alley at this location; she is requesting repair asap ---it could lead to vehicle damage; thanks ms jones 804--2448383....
  • Bulk Trash Archiviert
    2600 Hanover Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    citizen called for bulk pick up; items ---several pieces of wood ---location, back alley--on robinson ave next to boka apple restaurant where the garbage bins are located ....sara telephone number 804--2787135 ...thanks
  • Bulk Trash Archiviert
    3006 Fendall Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    citizen called to request bulk items picked up; broken wood from an old garage which has become dry and unusable; location --back alley .....804--3354883
  • Street Lighting Archiviert
    2115 Cedar St Richmond, Virginia - Union Hill
    citizen called to inform streetlight outage --location back alley, behind property location; citizen is requesting repair asap; ms Canada ..telephone number 804--9390090
  • Bulk Trash Archiviert
    1110 N 30th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North
    citizen is requesting couch pickup; cushions are placed also; location --back alley.... ms Lyell called; 804--6776476.. thanks
  • Bulk Trash Archiviert
    3117 Lost Lane Richmond, Virginia - Cofer
    citizen is requesting bulk pickup; items---wood branches, chair, couch, bagged items --other misc items --removed from shed, from previous resident; items located --in front of property; telephone number 804--9991931... ms steele called
  • Street Lighting Archiviert
    1903 W Laburnum Ave Richmond, Virginia - Rosedale
    citizen called to inform streetlight outage --location, back alley... she is requesting repair/replacement asap;
  • Street Lighting Archiviert
    Intersection Of Walmsley Blvd And Fluvanna Ave Richmond, Virginia - Walmsley
    citizen called to inform of streetlight out.... location intersection of walmsley boulevard and Fluvanna ave; citizen is requesting replacement/repair asap; (804) 271 0310----mr cook called;
  • 1816 Keswick Ave Richmond, Virginia - Oak Grove
    citizen called to inform residents at this location has no water; address 1816 Keswick ave; citizen is requesting we investigate asap; thanks
  • Street Lighting Archiviert
    1907 Maplewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Randolph
    citizen called to inform street light out--1907 Maplewood avenue; location--- front street area; citizen informs this is 3rd time she has called to request; she is requesting replacement/repair asap;
  • Street Lighting Archiviert
    109 N 29th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    citizen called to inform street light is out at this location; in front of residence.... citizen is requesting repair/replace asap... kurt stein 804-3827148
  • Bulk Trash Archiviert
    3117 Cliff Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    citizen called to request bulk trash ..items, computer table, chairs, radio.. other misc items--location for pickup, back alley.. mr carter 804--3052879....
  • Street Lighting Archiviert
    3114 Cliff Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    pole number DPU 4395 with bottom numbers 8421..location, in front of house, on street/curb.... 804--3052879.. mr carter. he stated he called 3 weeks ago to inform of street light outage; thanks
  • Street Lighting Archiviert
    3727 Cheverly Rd Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    citizen called to inform of streetlight outage; front of property, near street; she is requesting repair asap; crane.. called
  • Bulk Trash Archiviert
    1013 Bradley Ln Richmond, Virginia - Westover
    citizen called for bulk pickup; items mattress and box spring; end of yard close to street/curb; front; ms champ called; 804--2336088....
  • Bulk Trash Archiviert
    628 Arnold Ave Richmond, Virginia - Highland Terrace
    citizen called for bulk pickup; items, desk and dresser; items will be located --back alley where garbage pickup is held; antionette McCray telephone 804--6476842
  • Bulk Trash Archiviert
    5635 Forest Hill Ave Richmond, Virginia - Cedarhurst
    citizen called for bulk pickup ..items sofa, loveseat, boxes, mattress, and toilet boil; these items are from previous tenant who moved recently; ms rauh is requesting pickup 757-7064879
  • Bulk Trash Archiviert
    1811 North 25th St Richmond, Virginia - Peter Paul
    citizen called for bulk pickup; items for pickup, cabinet, and bushes.. location--behind the fence... back alley... machine that picks up trash, has dent the fence----please examine and call customer to discuss; 804--7837830 for ms Laverne Wilson;
  • Street Lighting Anerkannt
    9200 Stony Point Parkway Richmond, Virginia - Stony Point
    citizen called to inform street lights are out --location chippenham parkway, north and south, towards stony point parkway exit and after exiting parkway......its the top lights that are out fields 804--5139673..
  • Bulk Trash Archiviert
    4202 Forest Hill Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Terrace
    citizen called for bulk pickup; location --back alley; items, recliner chair, container, and other miscellaneous items; mr Jordan , telephone number 434--6659350