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  • 9715 Summer Oaks Drive Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    New street light in the center of the Summer Oaks Dr cul-de-sac is out already. Please alert the appropriate party. Thanks.
  • Roswell GA - Roswell
    Dead deer on the right side of the road on Holcomb Bridge Rd east of Steeple Chase.
  • 1000 Holcomb Woods Parkway Roswell, GA - Roswell
    Dead animal at the entrance of parking lot of 1000 Holcomb Woods Pkwy
  • Scott Road Roswell, GA - Roswell
    Lights continuously blinking on Scott Rd between Centennial High School and Hillside Elementary School.
  • 10495 Woodstock Road Roswell, GA - Roswell
    At RAP MS noticed men's bathroom flooded. Looks like guts of tank damages. I turned off the water valve. Looks like water might have gotten into concession area.
  • Sidewalk Closed
    952 Canton St Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Loose Bricks in sidewalk along Canton St and along Webb St that cause people to stumble and trip.
  • 4070 Roxburgh Drive Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    There was WAY too much bass (and overall volume) coming from Verizon Ampi last night. While it seemed to stop at 11P, I don't like listening to my china rattling.
  • 2975 Ascot Ln Roswell, GA - Roswell
    The noise from Verizon Amphitheater was unacceptable last night. The bass thrumming was so loud that it hurt my ears through the closed doors and windows of our house. The rights of people to listen to a concert must be balanced with the rights of the people who live nearby. Don't explain why it sounded loud. Make changes. Turn down the volume or adjust the construction of the venue or some other solution.
  • 2065 Old Alabama Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Storage unit, camper, misc construction materials in front yard, all clearly visible from Old Alabama Road
  • 10470 Haynes Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA - US Congressional District GA6
    Verizon park has been excessively loud tonight. There are already multiple reports that I've seen on this site for tonight. It is past 11:00 PM and they are still blasting noise. Please act NOW to stop it. Thank you.
  • Roswell GA - Roswell
    Tree on sidewalk - Crabapple Rd about half mile north of Hembree Rd
  • 375 Saddle Lake Dr Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Street light at 380 Saddle Lake Dr is out.
  • 445 Roswell Hills Place Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Area where a water line was recently replaced in my yard is now sinking.
  • 2662 Holcomb Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA - Roswell
    Trash in median
  • Roswell GA - Roswell
    Tree fallen in road at corner of Sailwind Ct and Sailwind Dr. in Martin's Landing Subdivision
  • Dogwood Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    This road was asphalted awhile back. When will stripping be completed? Right now it is thin lines. When it's dark it is hard to see the road.
  • 1256 Holcomb Bridge Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Hello, my name is Mr. Larson. I am a concerned citizen living in Roswell, and I have a request for a fix on an issue. If one is traveling eastbound on Hwy. 140, you would come to the intersection of Hwy. 400 and GA. 400. Right before you approach the intersection, there is a barrier that prevents cars from crossing back onto Hwy. 140 and vice versa. Would it be possible if Yellow Flashing indicating lights be installed ahead of time to alert everyone that a barrier exists? As of current, I feel that there is a serious lack of warning. If the city of Roswell could address this issue ASAP, that would be great!
  • 1030 Park Meadow Lane Roswell, GA - Roswell
    Dead deer in road
  • Barrington Drive/King Street Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Barrington Drive is pitch black at night, and King St section around Barrington Hall is totally dark at night. The streetlights may be need replacing.
  • 510 Forest Place Roswell, GA - Roswell

    Hello! I have noticed that there are many bicyclists and runners along Old Alabama, esp Eastbound toward Nesbit Ferry, and esp Centennial's XC runners. There is a stretch of Old Alabama between the end of the Eastbound sidewalk and the Roswell City line (by the Woodfall subdivision) that has been poorly maintained, and which has caused the runners to be WAY too close to Old Alabama Road. I went out yesterday morning and trimmed back some of the overgrown brush, (which was also covering two yellow traffic signs) to allow the runners/cyclists a bit safer path. I had to stop after 3 hours, a hurting back and a blister(!!), but I got a good bit of it cleared. I left all the trimmings, starting at the entrance of Woodfall and extending along and to the end of the brush line (toward Nesbit Ferry). Could you please pick them up? Also there were some fallen tree trunks which I could not manage (I think they'd need a chain saw), and the entire area should likely be trimmed back more, please (safer), but I'd suggest power tools, which I do not have! I also noticed a bunch of trash all along that stretch. I did not tackle the bit of land after the sidewalk ends, but before you get to the Woodfall entrance, which looks like it could use some trimming as well. I know the cyclists/runners "should' cross the street, but with the construction on the other side of the street right now, it doesn't make sense for them, and the high school kids are heading back to Centennial, so they would not cross and then re-cross the street. Could we add an extension of the sidewalk to the end of the City Line? That would make a lot of sense and be much safer for all the cyclists and runners, esp the high school kids. Thanks!!!

    Teresa McAree