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  • Stormdrain Issues Acknowledged
    3547 Glossy Ibis Court Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    This is the THIRD time in 10 DAYS that the storm drains have "Backed Up" and FLOODED the street during a heavy rain! What is it going to take for a Supervisor to meet with me in person about this ??
  • Pinellas Trail Acknowledged
    617 Live Oak St Tarpon Springs, FL, 34689, USA - Tarpon Springs
    This is probably the bumpiest part of the whole Pinellas Trail. They tried to put paint on the bumps before. They tried to grind it down but, never rode a bike over it and it's still bad to ride a bike over. We have about 3 inches to ride going towards the tunnel and the bumps can be avoided but, going towards this road that we got to cross in the photo, there is no avoiding the bumps and it's pretty uncomfortable to ride over. This has been like this for years. Can we get get this fixed please and get rid of the bumps or get a new section of trail put down here or something please? Thank you!
  • 3547 Glossy Ibis Court Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    During heavy rains the storm drains backup and the water on the street is 10 inches deep, backed up onto my lawn and driveway. This happens any time we have a heavy rain and has been going on for years!
  • 3451 Glossy Ibis Ct Palm Harbor 34683, United States - Palm Harbor
    Colonial Blvd in Dove Hollow is a residential connector between Belcher road and 19. The traffic cutting through is heavy and drives very fast. All the school bus stops are on this road and the speeding is a danger to the kids and residents go attempt to cross the street on foot.
  • Environmental Archived
    1100 North Pinellas Avenue Tarpon Springs, Florida - Tarpon Springs
    Wawa is planning on constructing a mega-gas station on Tax Parcel ID 123-27-15-89946-007-0010 listed as "sewage disposal, solid waste, private barrow pit, march, mangrove, sand dune, swamp, waste land" This property adjoins a canal that feeds directly into the bayous and eventually into the Gulf. Many of our neighbors this could possibly effect the environment as they will be putting massive 20,000 gallon underground fuel tanks in close proximity to protect waterways. Can you assist us by checking it out and letting us know your findings? Thanks so much, Jack Spirk, 2008 Golfview Drive, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
  • 6890 49th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33709, USA - Commission District 7
    The occupants of the home appear to empty storage units or homes as a profession. They leave all of the unwanted contents in their yard and along the curb. homeless and others have been witnessed digging through the items then throwing the unwanted items throughout the neighborhood, ditches, catch basins, and stormwater runoff areas with garbage. This is a ongoing issue. They tend to restock the pile on a weekly basis.
  • 4985 Palm Harbor Boulevard Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Please evaluate the duration of the light on Alt 19 heading north at the Klosterman intersection. We have back ups all the way to Alderman in the afternoon rush hour. It appears the light duration to go east or west on Klosterman is much longer than it used to be causing extreme back ups.
  • 41702-41824 Fl-55 Tarpon Springs, FL 34689, USA - Tarpon Springs
    The dry pond that is maintained by the county, is not draining within 72 hours and has trees growing in the bottom . There is no H.o.a here someone needs to clean it out as per the county code
  • 403 Riverside Dr Lot 34 Tarpon Springs Pinellas County, Florida - Tarpon Springs
    When it rains, our entire property floods; sometimes up to 14 inches of water. We have had excessive damage to property over the course of 4 years. The water got so high that it flooded our vehicle and house and caused massive damage as well as causing electrical issues in our vehicle which made it not work. We had to have it towed to an auto shop and have it repaired which was costly. Property of ours that was on the porch was completely ruined.
  • 1930 Virginia Ave. Tarpon Springs, Florida - Tarpon Springs
    The ditch that used to be along suwanee has filled and water from street now runs across sidewalk and has eroded my yard as the pictures indicate. I have reported this previously and was told it would be cleaned out but nothing has happened and I want to put sod in my yard asap. Thanks for your assistance and look forward to hearing from your dept. concerning this matter...Thank you James wells
  • Tree Issue Archived
    14996 Hidden Oaks Cir Largo 33764, United States - Largo
    The easement at the end of 150th Ave, across from Frontier Elementary, is a neighborhood hazard. It is an overgrown mess that has not been properly maintained. People are using it to ride ATVs, motorcycles, and to “hang out” for illegal drug use. We have seen bikes, duffles, etc. all stored back there like it is a personal storage area. Can this access be gated off for gov’t access only,
    to cut down on this?
  • 57 Cypress Dr Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    RV parked in driveway that exceeds 21’ in length.
    Forces homeowner to park large White F250 in the street.
    Makes two way traffic impossible.
    Please check width of road to ensure street parking is permitted, and please post a sign if so.